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K.U.L.T.iVision PV

Simply with Parallelogram Shifting System K.U.L.T.iVision PV

Technical data
KULTiVision PVzoom
KULTiVision PVzoom
  • the parallelogram shift allows rear attachment of a 3 m cultivator with the low weight ARGUS frame for conditions where the use of heavy solutions is not possible.
  • the space between the support frame and the cultivator frame provides a large field of view for image capture and achieves excellent guidance, even under difficult crop conditions
  • detects and converts double and triple rows e.g. in carrots and onions with row distance from 3,5 cm
  • very precise steering
  • high speeds up to 20 km/h (12 mph)
  • plant color detection can be adjusted as required
  • reduced workload for the driver
  • also available as retrofit kit of existing cultivation systems
KULTiVision PVzoom
Components of the K.U.L.T.iVision Parallelogram Shift:
hydraulic parallelogram shifting
3-point mount
Cat II attachment
camera system with touch screen
manual override box
speed sensor
lift sensor
night lights optional
KULTiVision PVzoom
KULTiVision PVzoom

RGB camera
simple menu navigation,
Live image, constant indication of
image quality with warning device
plant color can be adjusted as

KULTiVision PVzoom

with manual override box standard

KULTiVision PVzoom

robust touch screen in the tractor cab

KULTiVision PVzoom

standard with load-bearing gauge
wheels for stability and high
precision in side shifting
for track widths from 1.5 m to 2.25 m

Product description

Live imaging camera guidance system activating a parallel shift for machines from 1,5m to 6m working width

Minimum plant size

grain 3 leaf stage, sugar beet 4 leaf stage

Maximum plant size

until plants touch within or between the row

Light conditions

daylight hours + additional lighting for 24 hour working

Tractor hydraulics

0,1mps oil flow on tractors from 80 HPS

Working speed

6<20kph with accuracy reduction over 15kph


0,8mm system, 2,0cm field conditions

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A New camera system on the market - K.U.L.T. official distributor of Pathfinder Agrar from Nalatec


K.U.L.T. has expanded its range of camera guidance systems for hoeing machinery with Nalatec's patented pathfinderAgrar camera system.

The Pathfinder Agrar from Nalatec system, in contrast to the camera guidance from the K.U.L.T.iVision product division, works with a fixed camera mounted on the side of the tractor viewing a row of crop, an APP controlled system activates a hydraulic ram on the lower link of the tractor to position the hoe accurately between the crop rows providing an economic solution to existing tractor and hoe combinations.

Further information at nalatec.at

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