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K.U.L.T. ARGUS-Cultivator

The flexible cultivator for all purposes

Technical data
K.U.L.T. ARGUS-Hacksystem

Weed control is the most important maintenance work for vegetable growers.
Shallow surface cultivation, besides removing weeds, reduces weed seed germination and allows better water pnetration.
With the ARGUS cultivator system from KULT Kress, all cultivation work can be done to your full satisfaction in a single work step.
Starting from row widths of 15 cm, the cultivator system ARGUS from KULT Kress is an indispensable help in all cultures and crops

Range of use:

For precise hoeing close to the row in vegetables, but as well as in field crops, cereals and specialized crops. Versatile combinations with a range of tools for ridges or beds
Ideal to be upgraded with our Fingerweeder or DUO parallelogram.

K.U.L.T. ARGUS-Hacksystem  zoom

ARGUS cultivator rear mounted with handsteering in salad.
6-row version in combination with K.U.L.T. Fingerweeder MEDIUM

K.U.L.T. ARGUS-Hacksystem  zoom

In combination with the K.U.L.T.-DUO-Parallelogram it’s possible to work in row widths from 20 cm accurately beginning in a very early stage.

K.U.L.T. ARGUS-Hacksystem  zoom

ARGUS cultivator in raised beds
Thanks to various possibilities of tool combinations there is a solution for every requirement.

K.U.L.T. ARGUS-Hacksystem  zoom

Front-mounting can provide excellent views of all the tools. For example shares combined with the K.U.L.T. - Fingerweeder.

K.U.L.T. ARGUS-Hacksystem  zoom

Camera controlled ARGUS cultivator shown front mounted. Provides high accuracy at high speeds.

K.U.L.T. ARGUS-Hacksystem  zoom

In combination with K.U.L.T. – Telescopic hoes and DUO-Parallelogram form a very short construction for example in tool carriers is possible. Here 12-rows in onions.

K.U.L.T. ARGUS-Hacksystem  zoom

Application of the ARGUS cultivator with K.U.L.T. – Fingerweeder in bush beans.


Operating principle

Parallelogram guided inter-row tools.
All tools with springs

Assembly groups

  • basic frame with tractor attachment, with mounting support for mounting between the axles.
  • Parallelograms with adjustable Farmflex-wheel, double ball bearing mounted.
  • tool suport with 1-5 tools, including cantilever support with spring

Time of application

The smaller the weed the more lasting is the result


  • Front mounting Kat I/II and triangle, adjustable support tire.
  • Rear mounting Kat I/II and triangle with Schneidstützräder or adjustable tire with handsteering
  • Mounting between the axles for all Fendt GT ab Baureihe 218

Row width

from 15 cm

Working width

1- 6 m, possible with hydraulic folding


  • approx. 50 cm with Parallelogram crossbars rods of bei 1186 mm
  • approx. 60 cm with Parallelogram crossbars rods of 254 mm 
  • approx. 75 cm with Parallelogramcrossbars rods of 334 mm

Working depth

  • with flat shares: 3 cm
  • with standard shares: 3-7 cm
  • with (disk-) furrowers: up to 10 cm

Working speed

Depending on the plant: 4-10 km/h


Easy to combine with:

  • Fingerweeder
  • DUO-Parallelogram
  • various tools for raised beds
  • protective plate or disc
  • fertilizer spreader (only rear mounted)
  • existing cultivators from other producers

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Management transition

Christian Kirchhoff, owner and managing director of K.U.L.T. Kress Umweltschonende Landtechnik GmbH, is relinquishing his position as managing director, but will still remain with the company as a strategic consultant and brand ambassador.

As of 01.04.2023, Thomas Sulzer and Dr. Benjamin Kollenda have jointly taken over the management of the company.


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