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K.U.L.T. DUO-Paralelogram

Accurate weed control on top of ridges and on beds

Technical data
K.U.L.T. DUO-Parallelogramm

The K.U.L.T. DUO parallelogram comes from the think tank at KULT Kress. Like all tools developed by our team, the DUO-parallelogram was tested and refined over the years until ready for the market as a fully realized system for a variety of applications.

Range of use:

Can be used for all crops on ridges such as carrots, onions, herbs, etc., especially for direct seeded rows.
Our tools are suited for weeding in 3.1“/ 8 cm double-rows.
Minimum row distance 9.8“/25 cm on a single toolbar.

Arbeitsprinzip Dammbearbeitungzoom

Working principle on ridges:

  • Discs furrow the soil very close to the row
  • Angle blades work on top of the ridge
  • special blades cut the weeds at the shoulder
Das K.U.L.T. DUO-Parallelogramm zoom
  • 3-way adjustable cutting disks
  • 2-way adjustable angle blades
  • 3-way adjustable edge weeder blades
  • Springs to control the down pressure 
  • 2 adjustable support wheels

The K.U.L.T. DUO-Parallelogram fits on any ridge!

Das K.U.L.T. DUO-Parallelogramm zoom

The tool can be set to work on flat fields to provide very close cultivation of early stage growth with sharp, durable discs.


DUO-Parallelogram 5 rows mounted on an Argus-Hoe with manual steering.

Bild 9zoom

The Duo cultivator mounted on a tool carrier tractor offers a good view of plant rows at higher working speeds.


Objective of use

  • Early weeding without disturbing the row
  • simultaneous cultivation of ridge top and sides

Range of use

  • vegetable production
  • specialized crops

Operating principle

  • Cutting discs break the crust close to the row
  • Angle blades (side knives) slice the ridge top
  • Edge weeder blades remove weeds on the sides of the ridge

Time of application

very early possible


  • Front-, rear-, between the axles
  • Horse pulling

Row width

from 20 cm/ 7,9’’ for row crops

Working width

6cm to 400cm
For row spacing less than 30cm /12’’ double toolbar required (see picture above)


Ca. 20 cm/ 7.9’’

Working speed                       

from 1 km/h / 0.7 m/h

Weitere Breiten sind durch Kombinationen von zwei unterschiedlichen Bügelbreiten möglich.

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Management transition

Christian Kirchhoff, owner and managing director of K.U.L.T. Kress Umweltschonende Landtechnik GmbH, is relinquishing his position as managing director, but will still remain with the company as a strategic consultant and brand ambassador.

As of 01.04.2023, Thomas Sulzer and Dr. Benjamin Kollenda have jointly taken over the management of the company.


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