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K.U.L.T. Fingerweeder

Hoeing inside the plant row is possible!

Technical data
K.U.L.T. Fingerhacke

With the K.U.L.T. Kress fingerweeder you can cultivate within the plant row to reduce manual labor.
The plastic fingers of the KRESS fingerweeder work around the sides of the plant and lift the weeds out. Weeds are controlled in areas not reached by sweeps and knives.
The K.U.L.T. Kress fingerweeders are made with a long lasting proprietary compound with a very reasonable per row cost. Retrofitting to existing cultivators is easily possible.

Range of use:

Maize (corn), Tobacco, Sunflowers, Sugar beets, Soybeans , Cabbage, Lettuce, Beans, Leek, Tomatoes, Artichokes, Lavender, Kitchen and medical herbs, Strawberries, Pumpkins, Tree-nurseries, Roses and more

The large K.U.L.T.-Kress Fingerweeder

Working width from 19.7”/ 50 cm

  • 3 different degrees of hardness for different crops and soil conditions
  • Replaceable , hardened steel driving plate
  • stone resistant plastic fingers
  • double ball bearings
  • (Ø 14.6”/ Ø 370 mm) is recommended for row distances from 19.69”/ 50 cm, for strawberries, brassicas, maize (corn), tobacco and tree nurseries
Die mittlere K.U.L.T.- Fingerhackezoom

Medium K.U.L.T.-Kress Fingerweeder:
Working width from 13.8-21.7”/ 35-55 cm

  • 3 different degrees of hardness for different crops and soil conditions
  • Replacable , hardened steel driving plate
  • stone resistant plastic fingers
  • double ball bearings
  • (Ø 11.4” /Ø 290 mm) is recommended for row distances from 15.75-21.65”/ 40-55 mm for sugar beets, soybeans, leeks and vegetables
Die kleine K.U.L.T.- Fingerhackezoom

The small K.U.L.T.-Kress Fingerweeder:
Working width from 9.8-13.8”/ 25-35 cm

  • 3 different degrees of hardness for different crops and soil conditions
  • (Ø 9.84”/ Ø 250 mm) is recommended for row distances from 9.84 – 13.78”/ 25 - 35 cm for salad, vegetables and tree nursery cuttings.
ARGUS-Hacksystem mit  großer Fingerhackezoom

Argus 3 point toolbar with hand steering provides very precise steering. Shown in single row tomatoes.

Fingerhackelemente mit weicher orangefarbener Scheibezoom

Soft orange fingers for use in light soils or for sensitive crops such as Pumpkin, shown here in maize (corn).

Die Fingerhacke kann in alle gängigen Hackmaschinen eingebaut werden.  Hier ein französisches System in Artischocken.zoom

The K.U.L.T.-Kress Fingerweeder can be attached to most common steered cultivators. Here mounted on a French system in artichokes.


Objective of use

Weeding inside the plant row to avoid manual labor.

Range of use

  • vegetable gardening (transplanted and seeded rows ) 
  • tree nurseries, rose-, forest-, alley- 
  • and fruit tree cultures
  • potatoes 
  • production of maize (corn) and beets
  • tobacco 
  • strawberries

Operating principle

Rubber fingers grip from the side around the plant and there they hoe the weeds. The area that no other mechanical hoe can reach will be treated.

Time of use

About 10 days after planting


Front, rear , tool carrier, horse drawn

Row width

Small: 9.84 – 13.78”/25 – 35 cm
Medium: 15.75-21.65”/35 – 55 cm
Large: from 19.69”/50 cm


19.69 – 31.5”/50 – 80 cm (can be higher by request)

Working depth

0.8 – 1.6”/2 - 4 cm

Working speed

4 - 15 km/h / 2.48-9.32 m/h

Possibilities of combinations                       

Can be attached to most common cultivators with steering


To achieve the maximum weed-control, the Fingerweeder should be used when the weeds are just emerging.

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A New camera system on the market - K.U.L.T. official distributor of Pathfinder Agrar from Nalatec


K.U.L.T. has expanded its range of camera guidance systems for hoeing machinery with Nalatec's patented pathfinderAgrar camera system.

The Pathfinder Agrar from Nalatec system, in contrast to the camera guidance from the K.U.L.T.iVision product division, works with a fixed camera mounted on the side of the tractor viewing a row of crop, an APP controlled system activates a hydraulic ram on the lower link of the tractor to position the hoe accurately between the crop rows providing an economic solution to existing tractor and hoe combinations.

Further information at nalatec.at

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