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Mechanical weeding machine

Technical data
K.U.L.T. Robovator

Like hand-weeding inside the row, there is no weed left all around the plant. A camera above each row detects cultivated plants and weeds, which are then eliminated. 

The basic setting only has to be done once, afterwards only two values have to be changed to operate the machine in different plants or conditions. 

Save yourself a lot of handwork – easy to operate and fully automatic

K.U.L.T. Robovator  zoom

Hydraulic driven tools – robust and maintenance-free
Double-spectral camera with additional lighting

Individuelle Lösungen von 2-reihigen bis 31-reihigen Maschinenzoom

High working speed up to 4 km/h.
Individual solutions, machines for 2-rows – 31-rows.
Mounting in rear or front

Intelligente Seitenverschiebung richtet den Robovator automatisch über der Reihe auszoom

Intelligent side shift automatically ”locks” onto the row.
Accepts variation of distance between plants.
The machine is powered only by the P.T.O shaft of the tractor.

Sichere Funktion auch bei größeren Unkräuternzoom

Also working in bigger weeds.

Auch in der Nacht und bei Dunkelheit kann problemlos gearbeitet werdenzoom

It is easily possible to operate the K.U.L.T.iSelect in bad lighting and during the night.

Einstellung und Überwachung mit Smartphone, Tablet oder Laptop zusätzlich zum Display möglich. zoom

Setting and monitoring is in addition to the screen possible with smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Beste Kulturpflanzenerkennung durch Nutzung von Infrarotlicht und sichtbarem Licht.zoom

The plant is precisely detected because Infrared- and visible light are being used. Therefore the machine can also be operated on dark soil and red salad.

Auch in niedrigen Baumschul-Reihenkulturen leistet der Robovator hervorragende Arbeitzoom

The Robovator also works fine in small orchard plants.


Objective of use

Fully automatic weeding all around the cultivated plant.

Range of use

  • Salad, cabbage, strawberries, onion, chives
  • small tree nursery plants, for example Box.

Operating principle

Weeds and cultivated plants are distinguished with an optical system, the tools are then led around the cultivated plant.

Time of application

3 days after planting until harvesting – the machine is able to weed beneath the leaves


Rear mounting

Row width

15 - 150 cm

Working width

2 - 15 m


ca. 20 cm

Working depth

2 - 4 cm

Working speed

1,5 – 3,5 km/h depending on the cultivated plant and the soil conditions


3 - 31

Optisches System

Visible light + Infrared light


  • Working 24/7 is possible
  • Monitoring with tablet, laptop or smartphone
  • Cultivated plants like onions or chives are captured sideways

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A New camera system on the market - K.U.L.T. official distributor of Pathfinder Agrar from Nalatec


K.U.L.T. has expanded its range of camera guidance systems for hoeing machinery with Nalatec's patented pathfinderAgrar camera system.

The Pathfinder Agrar from Nalatec system, in contrast to the camera guidance from the K.U.L.T.iVision product division, works with a fixed camera mounted on the side of the tractor viewing a row of crop, an APP controlled system activates a hydraulic ram on the lower link of the tractor to position the hoe accurately between the crop rows providing an economic solution to existing tractor and hoe combinations.

Further information at nalatec.at

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