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K.U.L.T. Star cultivator

Hoeing inside the plant row is possible

Technical data
K.U.L.T. Sternhacke

The K.U.L.T.-Kress Star-Cultivator is an important machine in the K.U.L.T.-Kress weeding series. The range of use is enormous – from preparing ridges over inter-row weed control with protection shields up to soil accumulation in potatoes, carrots, etc. 

With the exchangeable stars the working width starts at 60 cm from row to row. Thus, the K.U.L.T.-Kress Star Cultivator can be used for all cultivation in ridges. A REAL MULTIFUNCTIONAL TOOL!

Range of use:

all plants in raised beds, potato ridge, corn, strawberries, vegetables, beds side dressing, nursery crops.

Die K.U.L.T. Sternhackezoom

Only the KRESS-Star Cultivator is suitable to all common tool carriers like: Fendt GT 230 – GT 380, Schneider GT, Rath GT etc. 

The tool carrier allows an optimal view on all the weeding elements.

Die K.U.L.T.-  Sternhacke zoom

Non-blocked working is possible even in big weeds. High efficiency at high speed, optimal adaption and stepless adjustment.

Die K.U.L.T.- Sternhackezoom

rear mounted, 2 rows for potatoe cultivation
Parallelogram-guided tools with ridge-tine-harrow and mechanical self-guidance.
4 stars per row

Das Ergebniszoom

Organic mass is worked into the soil very effectively

best stableness of the cultures by soil accumulation to the row

best crumbling without soil compacting and hardening the horizon

Aufbau der Hacksternezoom

Structure of the Star-Element with double ball-bearing, sealed and greasable


Objective of use

Weeding even in high weeds.

Range of use

  • Potatoe ridges
  • Corn
  • Strawberries
  • Tree nurseries
  • Vegetable production
  • Bed-side cultivation

Operating principle

  • Self-propelled stars move the earth 
  • The red stars work to the left
  • The black stars to the right
  • The higher the speed the better the result
  • Multifunctionaly adjustable

Time of application

  • to earth down:
  • as soon as the row is visible
  • to earth up: 
  • when the plants are well established


  • Front-, rear-, bellymounting
  • Horse pulling
  • seitlich am Zeilengrubber oder am Schmalspurschlepper

Row width

60 cm bis 100 cm


  • GTI: approx. 50 cm/ 20"
  • Rear mounted: ca. 80 cm/ 31.5"

Working depth

ca. 5 cm/ 2"

Combination possibilities

  • Fingerweeder (only rear)
  • Ridge-tine-harrow (only rear)
  • Plant protection shields (only rear)
  • Tendrillar-discs
  • Mechanic guidance,
  • Autopilot (rear)
  • Double action hydraulic zylinder to compensate slope land

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A New camera system on the market - K.U.L.T. official distributor of Pathfinder Agrar from Nalatec


K.U.L.T. has expanded its range of camera guidance systems for hoeing machinery with Nalatec's patented pathfinderAgrar camera system.

The Pathfinder Agrar from Nalatec system, in contrast to the camera guidance from the K.U.L.T.iVision product division, works with a fixed camera mounted on the side of the tractor viewing a row of crop, an APP controlled system activates a hydraulic ram on the lower link of the tractor to position the hoe accurately between the crop rows providing an economic solution to existing tractor and hoe combinations.

Further information at nalatec.at

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